30 Years of Volunteering

 Cork Simon Community

The first time I volunteered was with Cork Simon Community in 1990 every Wednesday night was a social club where members would play card games and the winners would get packs of cigarettes. Members were mostly men, all looking for connection, a warm room, tea and biscuits and hopefully some nicotine to go home with, or to the doorstep they planned to spend the night.

Recent: and list of volunteer activities between.

CoderDojo Tramore

After nearly 6 years managing CoderDojo Tramore, in November 2019 I handed the reigns of CoderDojo over to two capable new champions and decided to forgo any new volunteer opportunities in the pursuit of full time employment.

I had heard about CoderDojo in Cork and Waterford, and later through my Social Media network at a TweetUp in Kinsale, I met CoderDojo’s co-founder Bill Liao. Tramore Tourism and Tramore Community Radio were successful in securing CE Scheme employees and I considered actively looking for full time work; however 2014 – 15 was my daughter’s Leaving Cert year so I decided to wait a year. I signed up as a Champion with coderdojo.com, created Social Media Accounts and used the Hour of Code Event in 2013 to launch the concept. Thanks to a few very enthusiastic people who attended on a rainy day, CoderDojo Tramore was founded

2013-2020CoderDojo Tramore
2014-2016Waterford Public Participation Network
2014-2017Tramore Women’s Network
2013-2013Coastguard Cultural Centre
2012-2014Tramore Cultural Development Group.
2012-2012Dunhill Multi-Education
2011-2012Slow Food Tours / Paul Dunne & Donal Keohane
2010-2015Tramore Community Radio
2010-2013Tramore Tourism
2010-2011Tramore Education Centre
2009-2012Dunhill EcoPark
2003-2005Mature Student’s Society
1997-1999Gingerbread (Single Parents Group)
1990-1993Cork Simon Community
Volunteer Activities 1990-2020

Published by irishcalypso

I have always been passionate about technology, and about the possibilities it offers people to make connections. Having completed a degree in multimedia and an honours degree in IT at Waterford institute of Technology, I realised that I could turn her passion for social networking into a business and set up CalypsoIT in 2010. At 16, she bought her first computer, an Apple Mac which is still one of her most treasured possessions, and used it to make business cards. She was an early convert to Yahoo Chat and began to explore social sites like Irish Penpals, but it was the couchsurfing phenomenon, where people can find a place to stay for free anywhere in the world through online networks, that opened her my to the power of social media. My IT background gives her the edge over other social media providers, due to her in-depth knowledge of Internet tools and mobile phone apps that businesses can tap into. Karen has undertaken various courses to enhance her skills in areas such as digital marketing and cybersecurity, and constantly keeps her training up-to-date so she can keep up with the latest technology trends.

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