Beneficial Group Behaviours

 This post was structured around the evaluation form sent out after my Virtual Class With Michael Cox – MCX Training & Development supported by Waterford Skillnet

Training was relevant, delivered at a high standard and appropriately timed; facilities were suitable, participation was encouraged. The training met my objectives and I will apply my skills and knowledge at a meeting this Saturday.

The most useful part of the training was learning the process, and Michael’s presentation was very interactive and memorable. In particular I liked the reference to people, specifically politicians when giving examples of beneficial group behaviours.

Aspects that may be improved:

  1. Icebreaker at the start to ‘warm’ everyone up
    (eg. covid19 band name: How you feel, a colour you are wearing and the last
    a snack you ate in a day that you thought would last a week! – answer in
    chat, host reads it out.)
  2. Time for Self-Introductions during group work.

As a result of the training I will apply the process to a meeting this Saturday ensuring a good initiation and attention to time limits! A good initiation leads to a good session and a good close!

Q. Any suggestions or additional comments:

Both break out rooms lacked depth, and participants (including me) didn’t ask probing or clarifying questions. It may have benefitted me if instructions were more emphasised, i.e. discuss one character first. Apply the digging deeper process on one potentially ‘worst character’ rather than a quick-fire question round on each one. Michael did say it beforehand, but after entering the break out meeting, it was harder to do in realtime. Maybe add a short checklist at the end of the scenario would help. However, if the exercise was to develop learning through identifying improvements rather than practicing, it was very successful. A great exercise.

Other Reflections:

During the session Michael’s fun and positive approach ensured it began in a warm and fertile space (Marshall, L) and friendly atmosphere, initiation techniques can be used for presentations too! Ten group participants were an ideal number and the break out sessions reduced the barriers for participation, inclusive of all personality types. I look forward to the next training session and thank Waterford Skillnet for the courses and also the feedback form that prompted me to reflect here!

Consolidated learning: Reflection from PACT, HTML5, semantic web html, learning from Global Education Events Learning Revolution Webinars.

  1. Marshall, H.W. (2020) SOFLA: Synchronous Online Flipped Learning Approach [Webinar]. Available at: (Accessed: 8 April 2020).


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